Teach and touch lives with ACT's teacher training courses

Candidates completing ACT's courses will become competent global educators and contribute to the development of the world's education

Montessori Classroom Training

ACT’s Montessori Classroom Training program is meant for all teaching enthusiasts who are looking to learn the methodologies and approaches of Montessori Education in the most practical way and help the learners in their all-round growth and development.

International Teaching Diploma (ITD)

International Teaching Diploma is ACT’s popular tailor-made comprehensive course that has been designed and created by experts who envisioned the changing needs of the 21st century pre and primary teaching strategies and effective approaches to deal with those.

TEFL in-class Course

To explore and teach around the world, you need to pursue a certified TEFL course, and what better place than ACT to enrol yourself at! Enrol in the course, and acquaint yourself with the latest global teaching techniques & find opportunities come your way.

Workshops for Teachers

ACT workshops are especially designed for teachers to familiarize them with the latest teaching techniques and methodologies so that they can conduct their teaching session for their learners with the required perfection and skills as well as upgrade themselves as professionals.

Online Montessori Teacher Training

ACT offers online MTT courses for those willing to venture into Montessori teaching, then avail this specially designed teacher training program to understand the Montessorian philosophy and learn the ways to create a prepared environment and developmental activities for teaching children.

Online Pre and Primary Teacher Training

If you are planning a career in pre and primary teaching, then Asian College of Teachers’ Pre and Primary Teachers Training programs is apt for you, designed to prepare quality teachers with professional efficacy in teaching learners aged 2-12 years.

Online Special Education Course

ACT has designed SEN program (Learning Disabilities, Autism and ADHD) for those eager to get into special education as a teaching professional, then enrolling in this course, that comes in 3 different levels, can be the best decision for you.

Nursery Teacher Training

ACT’s NTT course is designed for budding nursery teachers willing to venture into the nursery teaching profession to make a significant impact on the children as it brings an overall development in kids while keeping them engaged with productive activities.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Early childhood teaching is both hard work and rewarding at the same time. Our ECCE courses will help the early childhood educators to expand their early education knowledge base and transform them into highly specialized teaching professionals.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management

This was the best course ever and should be a must be for every school administrator. The course material was up to date with the latest philosophy in education and very practical. A must for every school administrator who works in Asia. I'm working in Vietnam.


Certificate in Educational Administration and Management

An invigorating challenge, just at the right level to assure a taste of knowledge was given, opening my appetite to devour more!!

Pandora Saley

Diploma in Educational Administration and Management

No matter what we have achieved, reached and who we are in life, always be humble. A humble person is more concerned about . . . building team than exalting self, about recognizing contribution, than being recognized for making it. I am working in St. Joseph Rayong school.

Gigi Williams-Davis

Diploma in Educational Administration and Management

It was very informative with great views on education in the 21st century. I like the detailed content in each phase of the program. The assessments were very challenging and forced me to think deep and look at everything from 3 stand points, the parent, the teacher and as the student.