Workshops for Teachers

The workshops have been developed keeping in mind the importance of incorporating contemporary 21st century teaching approaches and techniques by working teachers in today’s classrooms. It will provide expert and specialized knowledge and latest information for teachers along with a complete guideline that they need in order to stay updated with the latest progress in the teaching and learning sector. The workshop includes learning topics that touch upon teaching methodologies and techniques. Therefore, whether you are managing a toddler or making him knowledgeable with the basic skills or educating young learners in some foreign land and preparing them for 21st century competencies, these workshops will be of huge help and your ultimate saviour.

Below are listed our popular Workshops and Seminars of 2020

Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)

This particular workshop/seminar is meant for training professionals the holistic approaches and methods that are required to educate young children. It involves children's physical, emotional and social developments as well as focusing on the cognitive part of learning as well. The workshop mainly focuses on the skills that are required to understand the learning needs of the next generation students facilitating the growth of children aged 0 - 5 years. It will benefit both experienced and aspiring teachers and also babysitters who are looking forward to make a bright career in caregiving and nursery teaching.


Certificate in Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The workshop/seminar is aimed at all those teaching professionals who are looking to gain various skills on identifying and managing learners suffering from ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Asperger’s Syndrome. Moreover, this workshop also provides an access to an online CACHE endorsed course – Recognizing and Supporting Children with Special Needs. (CACHE is the acronym for Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education and is continually investing in high quality qualifications for the care and education industry, making them the UK’s leading sector specialist) LEARN Now

Education Management Program

The Education Management program is quite intensive and interactive with its primary aim to enhance the knowledge of the participants and equip them with the educational management and leadership skills. The main focus of this workshop is on 3 major components: What managers do? What they know? What do they behavelike? There will be practical and hands-on activity sessions that will help the students to become aware of the varied roles of a leader and the latest management approaches which are proven to be useful in today's educational scenario.


Pre and Primary Teacher Training (PPTT)

This PPTT workshop/seminaris meant for teachers who are looking for a career in teaching young learnersand developing their instructional skills, giving them several opportunities to improve and imbibe the wayof designing interesting lesson plans and engaging students with engaging activities.The workshop focuses on helping the participants develop requisite skills to integrate activities and group work bringing in creativity and stimulating tender minds in classrooms.


Why attend these workshops?:

  • The workshopsare perfect for both aspiring and working teachers
  • Learn skills to teach in today’s global classrooms
  • Get theoretical and practical hands-on experience with activities
  • Get individual attention
  • Know your strengths and interests to become a better educator
  • Get knowledge about the international teaching standards
  • Teach primary, elementary classes with confidence
  • Learn the classroom management techniques
  • Get the knowledge on the prerequisites to teaching abroad


Accreditation and Certification

After the successful completion of the workshop,the candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers (ACT).

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testimonial 3

Miriam Gavilanes

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
Singapore Caspian

Great work from my coordinator. She really reply straight away from my problems and help me overcome the difficulties of some of the lessons. During my time in this course. I think I learn a lot of skills for my course that I have taken. I've experienced more skills and ability to handle young children.

Ada Tok

Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training

It was a meaningful experience which deepened my understanding on Montessori and her works. I also better understood how to write lesson plans and structure activities for children.

Vo Ngoc Bao

Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

I have a general view and knowledge about Montessori method. I will try it for my school in the future.

Rinkal Sharma

Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training

This institute made me to believe that India also have good fully online institutes too, which are honest and you can believe on them. Who gives good facilities, great backup support to nurture your better future. They are good guide n understands your situation and help you in any possible way with complete patience.