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ACT accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) prepares powerful global educators equipped with 21 st century teaching skills and knowledge.

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Montessori Teachers Training

For those willing to venture into Montessori teaching, ACT offers specially designed Montessori teacher training programs to understand the Montessorian philosophy and learn the ways to create a prepared environment and developmental activities for teaching children.

Pre and Primary Teachers Training

If you are planning a career in pre and primary teaching, then Asian College of Teachers’ Pre and Primary Teachers Training programs are apt for you as they are designed to prepare quality teachers with professional efficacy in teaching learners aged 2-12 years.

Nursery Teachers Training

ACT’s NTT course is aimed at budding nursery teachers willing to venture into the nurseryteaching profession to make a significant impact on the children as it brings an overall development inkids while keeping them engaged with productive activities.

Early Years Care and Education

Early childhood teaching is both tough and rewarding at the same time. Our EYCE courses will help early childhood educators expand their early years care knowledge base and transform them into highly specialized teaching professionals.

International Teaching Diploma (ITD)

International Teaching Diploma is ACT’s popular tailor-made comprehensive coursethat has been designed and created by experts who envisioned the changing needs of the21st century pre and primary teaching strategies and effective approaches to deal withthose.

Montessori Classroom Training

ACT’s Montessori Classroom Training program is meant for all teachingenthusiasts who are looking to learn the methodologies and approaches ofMontessori Education in the most practical way and help the learners in theirall-round growth and development.

TEFL in-class Course

To teach and explore around the world, you need to pursue a certified TEFL course,and what better place than ACT to enrol yourself at! Enrol in the course, and acquaintyourself with the latest global teaching techniques and find opportunities come your way.

Special Education

ACT has designed SEN programs (Learning Disabilities, Autism and ADHD) in 3 different levelsfor those eager to get into inclusive education and become skilled in handling diverse learners as a teaching professional.


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Students completing the course/s will receive globally recognized certificates from Asian College of Teachers accredited by ASIC and EQAC, QAHE, and courses certified by CPD Certification Service UK and endorsed by NCC Education UK.


ACT TEFL courses are accredited by TESOL Canada & TESOL USA, the world’s largest TESOL Accreditation body. Trainees can also sit for the TESOL Canada Board Exam by paying additional fee.

Become Employable

ACT courses and certificates are internationally recognized and, therefore, will open up numerous opportunities in the teaching/training sector. Our trainers help you develop teaching skills that will make you employable across the globe.

Job Support

ACT provides 100% placement support and conducts regular placement drives and placement webinars. Vacancies are posted on ACT’s Facebook pages, social media handles and dedicated placement portals.

Job Opportunities in Myanmar

Teaching, particularly in early childhood education, has always been a captivating and fulfilling profession. This field not only offers numerous avenues for professional growth but also empowers educators to lay the educational groundwork for young learners, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of education. Moreover, it provides the opportunity for international employment, promising a bright future for teaching professionals.

Myanmar presents a thriving landscape of teaching opportunities, characterized by a unique blend of cultural immersion and professional development. As the country embraces global integration, the demand for English language instructors, particularly in private language centers and international schools, has surged. Additionally, there is a growing need for educators in primary and secondary education to contribute to Myanmar's evolving educational landscape. Teaching in Myanmar not only allows educators to make a meaningful impact on student's lives but also offers a culturally enriching experience in a rapidly developing nation.

In an era of rapid development and increasing globalization, the quest for knowledge and staying attuned to the modern world has fuelled a rising demand for teachers. This demand is particularly evident for educators specializing in early childhood education (Montessori and nursery), as well as English as a Foreign Language/English as a Second Language (EFL/ESL) teachers. Therefore, possessing an ACT certification significantly enhances employability prospects. Asia, at the forefront of development, including Myanmar, exhibits promising opportunities in the field of teaching. The steady demand for educators in Myanmar, coupled with globally recognized certification, ensures a plethora of job opportunities for qualified teaching professionals.

ACT Support

Complete guidance from the accomplished trainers/tutors is given. Emails and online tickets enable our trainees to communicate with ACT tutors and clear doubts and queries.

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Miriam Gavilanes

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
Singapore Caspian

Great work from my coordinator. She really reply straight away from my problems and help me overcome the difficulties of some of the lessons. During my time in this course. I think I learn a lot of skills for my course that I have taken. I've experienced more skills and ability to handle young children.

Ada Tok

Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training

It was a meaningful experience which deepened my understanding on Montessori and her works. I also better understood how to write lesson plans and structure activities for children.

Vo Ngoc Bao

Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

I have a general view and knowledge about Montessori method. I will try it for my school in the future.

Rinkal Sharma

Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training

This institute made me to believe that India also have good fully online institutes too, which are honest and you can believe on them. Who gives good facilities, great backup support to nurture your better future. They are good guide n understands your situation and help you in any possible way with complete patience.